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Dear colleagues:

On the occasion of the coming new year, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to extend my most sincere greetings to all the employees of Tiancheng company who are working on all fronts of production and operation.

In the past 2019, affected by many international and domestic factors, the overall decline of the domestic automobile market and the depression of the automobile industry also led to the downturn of the wheel hub industry. In such a severe environment, we Tiancheng people do not complain, but with a positive attitude, through unremitting efforts, we have made certain achievements and entered 2020 with our head held high.

In the past 2019, we held a discussion on the core competitiveness of the enterprise, made clear the development vision of the enterprise, and formulated a competitive strategy in line with the actual situation of the enterprise, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise.

Although the overall domestic automobile market is sluggish, and this situation may last for a long time, the number of domestic cars in China has exceeded 210 million, and the scale of automobile aftermarket (accessories, modification, maintenance, etc.) is very large. According to the statistical data given by professional consulting agencies, the scale of automobile aftermarket will not be less than 1.3 trillion per year, and our production is personalized The wheel hub will meet the huge demand of automobile aftermarket. To be the "best manufacturer of personalized wheel hub" is the goal of Tiancheng people, which can and will be achieved!

In order to achieve this goal, we will do the following things.

We should deeply understand and continue to consolidate the "quality service" as the core competitiveness of enterprises. Service is both productivity and competitiveness. Among the numerous wheel hub manufacturers in China, although the scale of Tiancheng is not large, the production equipment is not the most advanced, and the technology research and development is not the most advanced, we can provide the best quality service for customers. This is also the main reason why we can still get the support and trust of our customers (especially foreign customers) in the harsh market environment in 2019.

Compared with OE products of complete vehicle factory, personalized products mainly face retail and automobile refitting market, which requires us to meet customers' small batch orders and wider requirements. If we want to be the best personalized hub manufacturer, we must not only provide better products for customers, but also provide better services to meet the needs of customers.

How much water a bucket can hold is determined by its shortest board, and the height an enterprise can reach is also subject to the weakest link of the enterprise. Therefore, we should constantly make up for the shortcomings in enterprise management. The former "staff reduction and efficiency increase" is the behavior of bridging the short board, and has achieved good results. The company hopes that you can put forward more suggestions and opinions on the work, which has received positive response from all of you. From the evaluation of "improvement proposal" in 2019, we can see that all employees have invested a lot of enthusiasm for this.

The company should also carry out the construction of corporate culture in many aspects and at different levels, create a good atmosphere for the enterprise, better serve the employees, better stimulate the learning and working enthusiasm of the employees, enhance the sense of ownership of the employees, improve the working skills of the employees, and expand the career development channels of the employees.

The construction of corporate culture is not achieved overnight, but a long-term and continuous work. The construction of corporate culture is not only from top to bottom, but also to the participation of all staff. We hope that we can actively participate in the construction of corporate culture in various ways.

If an enterprise wants to develop, marketing is the leader and technology is the key. We should break the traditional thinking, select and attract all kinds of talents, set up a more perfect incentive mechanism, actively expand marketing channels, constantly develop new products and new processes, and strive to become the "best personalized hub manufacturer"!

Goodbye to 2019, yesterday's hard work will turn into passion and motivation today.

Hello 2020, the new year shows us new hope and bright!

The road ahead is bound to be bumpy and stormy, but we are not afraid of wind and rain, nor are we afraid of dangers.

Let's seize the day and night, live up to our time, continue to forge ahead, and jointly create a brilliant tomorrow for Tiancheng company.

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