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Recruitment brochure of China Wheel(Taishan) Company Limited

Company Profile:

Taishan Tiancheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of automobile aluminum alloy wheels. It is famous for its high-quality products and excellent independent research and development ability. In addition to the basic salary, the company also has seniority salary, performance award, outstanding employee award, year-end bonus, accommodation, working meal, regular physical examination every year, employee's study allowance, paid annual leave after one year's work; the company's dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, water heater, independent toilet, network, etc.

We will provide you with a full display of ability, the realization of life value platform, the company because of you and more wonderful!

Job Description:

Engineer, Technician, Technologist(3 reserve cadres)

Salary / working place / education requirement / (4K ~ 10K / Jiangmen Taishan / Bachelor degree or above)

Demand Specialty:
Metal material engineering, material forming and control, mold design

Job responsibilities and requirements:
1. Identify with the enterprise, strong innovation ability, willing to contribute to the development of the enterprise;
2. Good language expression and communication skills, pragmatic style, excellent team spirit;
3. Strong hands-on ability and psychological endurance, physical health, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, willing to start from the grass-roots level;
4. According to the development of the enterprise and personal expertise, obey the work and post arrangement.
5. The first stage: 6 months, arranged in each production workshop, study with the class, carry out on-site production operation together, fully understand the production process, process control, product quality standards and other production knowledge.
6. The second stage: complete the internship and fix the position of technician or technician.
7. Since then, it will become the key training object of peace company, and will be arranged to work in appropriate positions. The company will carry out continuous training, continuously improve the work quality and ability, give priority to the promotion of outstanding employees, and provide broad development space. We hope that he will become the backbone of the company's production management team in the near future, and become the Department Manager (workshop director), production factory director or professional and technical personnel with professional skills.

Fringe benefits:
1. Before the employee obtains the diploma, it is regarded as the internship period. Sign the internship agreement and sign the labor contract after graduation.
2. The company shall pay work-related injury, pension and medical social insurance for employees in accordance with the law;
3. 5.5 working days a week, the working hours of the shift workers are 8:00-17:30, and the fixed working hours are 8:00-17:30
4. In the first stage of internship, the salary is calculated according to the piece rate and post wage. In the second stage, the position is fixed for the technician, and the wage level is determined according to the individual ability.
5. The company provides free accommodation for interns, and the company restaurant provides free lunch.

Japanese business representative (1)

Salary / working place / education requirement / (4K ~ 13K / Jiangmen Taishan / Bachelor degree or above)

Demand Specialty:

Job responsibilities:
1、 New product development
1. Actively promote the company's new designs and products to customers.
2. After confirming the customer development intention, sign the "sales contract" and other documents and agreements according to the customer's requirements.
3. Organize relevant departments of the company to review the "sales contract".
2、 Order processing
1. Receive and review customer orders.
2. Convert customer orders into sales orders and send them to relevant departments timely and accurately.
3. When the order needs to be changed, the relevant department shall be informed of the change in time.
4. Arrange customer orders regularly.
3、 Mass production tracking
1. Responsible for follow-up of all aspects of factory production to ensure product quality; regularly report production progress to customers.
2. Organize the order delivery, issue the delivery order according to the customer's requirements, track and monitor the container delivery.
3. Regularly negotiate with customers to deal with over order products, and be responsible for signing and fulfilling the sales contract.
4、 Customer summary and feedback
1. Be responsible for receiving customer complaints, complaints, goods damage and loss and claims related matters, and inform relevant departments to deal with them.
2. Conduct customer satisfaction survey on a regular basis, and summarize and report to relevant departments of the company.
3. Regularly summarize the customer's technical, quality and other requirements, and improve customer files.

Job requirements:
Japanese major or Japanese communication level is good; Bachelor degree or above, both male and female;

Fringe benefits:
Paid vacation 5 days; annual travel; five insurance; job training; vocational skills improvement; talent training plan

Contact information:
Contact person: Guo Wen
Tel: 0750-7377200 / 13422717510
Contact email: guowen@jmcnwheel.com
Address: No.8, Fu'an East Road, Taishan City, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

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