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Modification guide
Wheel hub, as the main load-bearing part of the whole vehicle, is one of the most important safety parts that affect the performance of the whole vehicle. It not only needs to bear the vertical load of the vehicle itself (including the dead weight load and the load of people and goods), but also needs to withstand the test of irregular stress caused by various dynamic loads such as starting, braking, turning, wind resistance, stone impact and uneven road surface. One of the most important factors to measure the appearance and quality of the whole vehicle is the quality of the wheel hub.
Application of all important parts of wheel hub: 1. Cap port: the fitting part of the hub trim cover. 2. Bolt hole: the part fixed with the bolt on the automobile mounting plate. 3. Mounting surface: the contact surface of automobile mounting plate should be concave. 4. Center hole: the part connected with the center shaft of automobile. 5. X distance: brake space, brake system avoidance and cooling space. 6. Et: namely offset distance, the distance between the center line of rim and the mounting surface is positive value near the front end and negative value away from the front end. 7. Bead seat: the diameter of tire mounting position shall not exceed the tolerance of ball tape.
There are two kinds of materials commonly used in wheel hub, namely steel ring and aluminum wheel. Steel rims are mostly used in trucks, trucks and buses; aluminum wheels have been commonly used in cars, SUV / MPV, etc. (however, some automobile manufacturers still use steel rims for spare tires of cars to reduce costs).
When it comes to car refitting, perhaps the lowest threshold is to refit the wheel hub. It does not need too high cost, but also can achieve the purpose of highlighting personality immediately. In addition, due to the cost of manufacturing, automobile manufacturers generally don't match beautiful wheels with low and medium-sized models, as long as they can ensure safety. This also leads to many friends who just buy a new car, the first thing they do is to find a set of wheels they like.

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